Current plus and professional plans ring users and adding new products

I have been a Ring subscriber for over 3 years and had been told all Ring products purchased during their original product warranty period will continue an extended warranty as long as there isn’t a lapse in subscription between the Plus and professional Plans.

My question is does this apply to all Ring products still being purchased today? My plan started three years ago and I am considering to buy a floodlight camera, but wanted to confirm the product would be added to the “extended warranty” Ring offers for the Plus and Professional plans.

My second question was if the ring PAR38 smart bulb would be an approved ring product that would be covered under the “extended warranty” by the Plus and Pro plans.

Thank you in advance !

Hi @Jbyrd1990. The Ring Protect Plan (Plus and Pro) extended warranty will cover all of the Ring Devices at one Location. As long as any new device you purchase is at the Location where your current Ring Protect Plan is, it will be covered. The PAR38 Smart Bulb has a 3 year warranty, mentioned here. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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Thank you Tom_Ring. So for clarity, the PAR38 would count as a ring “device” and would be included for the lifetime warranty after it’s three years are up, as long as my subscription is still active?

@Jbyrd1990 Yes, the extended warranty will apply after the 3 year limited warranty is up, assuming there is no lapse in your Ring Protect plan and the plan is in place before the 3 year limited warranty is up.