Current Gen Wired Floodlight Cam Plus connection issues

We moved into our current home almost two years ago. 4,300sqft all brick and 3 stories. We have trees around us but not up against the house and neighbors are spread out pretty far. I say all this to give an idea of our interference potential. The home came with five 1st Gen Wired Floodlight Cams that still functioned plus a battery doorbell along with three strategically placed 1st Gen Chimes. Over time we replaced all the wired floodlight cams as the pictures had a purple tone over them that we couldn’t get rid of. So we updated them all to the current gen. I have also added two new Chime Pros to help give us stronger signals as we noticed we would lose connections to the side of the garage and back deck cameras. Last bit of background info is that we utilize the Orbi 850 mesh system with GB service. We have strong wifi throughout the house and garage.

It seems no matter how much we try to move things around and add chimes we can’t get the back deck camera to stay connected and the side garage has less issues but still occasionally drops. We have tried connecting it directly to the wifi using a separate IoT 2.4ghz connection with Orbi and we put a Chime Pro on the shared interior wall to the back deck camera. The camera is about 12’ higher where the chime is the standard height off the floor outlet. There are times were the Ring network shows we have perfect setup with everything having strong connections then other times the back and side cameras lose connection or show weak.

I have tried disconnecting and resetting up the cameras. I’ve tried rebooting my home network. I have tried connecting directly to wifi and chimes along with moving the chimes around. It appears things will be good for a little but ultimately they end up having weak connections after a few days and start dropping. Is it possibly we have faulty cameras? I hate to buy more chimes as I can put any more near the back deck without them being outside, but they are not outdoor rated so I don’t think I can do that anyways. We utilize this camera not just for home safety but to keep an eye on our dogs while they are in the back yard.

Sorry for the lengthy post but I wanted to spell everything out and try to cover any questions that people may have about our setup.

Hi @EagleArcher20. Thank you for providing all of this information. It really provides a clear picture of whats going on. I would suggest the following, try connecting one of your cameras to a WiFi hotspot. If the camera is able to stay connected to the hotspot, it will tell us two things: the cameras are not the issue and the issue is linked to your network setup. If possible, try connecting the cameras to a different router. This will let us know if the issue is network related (possible security settings in your network) or gear related (your router or modem). This may be something as simple as a firmware update to your router, of maybe an in depth look at your settings.

If you’d like assistance going through this process, please follow up with our support team. You can also get in touch by sending a private message @Ring on Facebook or Twitter.