Criminals can jam WiFi and render Ring cameras useless?

Home break in and Ring has NO recording/history of it ever happening! Have since learned criminals can easily jam our WiFi rendering Ring cameras completely useless. Is this right?

Is only remedy to throw out existing cameras and replace with ones that connect to RJ45/ethernet (i.e. hardwired into our network)? I’ve seen the term “PPoE” which I believe means power over ethernet. Does it also handle the signal that way and not use WiFi?

Distraught after the big investment in Ring cameras only to know realize they’re completely useless. Thanks in advance for help/replies.

Our devices are designed with ease of use, dependability, and security in mind. If you are concerned about specialized burglars or vandals targeting your home, or the devices around it, we recommend getting multiple Cameras to cover all angles of your property.

Check out our PoE capable devices specifically, as these are a great solution if you are concerned about wifi coverage. The Stick Up Camera Elite and Video Doorbell Elite both feature ethernet connection. The Ring Alarm also features a battery and cellular back up option. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Maybe look at it this way, just because criminals have lock picks doesn’t make the locks on your doors useless.
Of course, criminals don’t need anything more than a hoodie and a mask to thwart even a POE connected camera.
My suggestion, keep using the Ring. If at some future point you want to update to POE devices, then do. I sure wouldn’t dump your existing cameras for some threat that may never happen.

ringron -

Wow… what a terrible experience!

I assume you’ve already considered:

  • Quickly learning as much as you can about various options for securing your home. (Security cameras are only one example.)
  • Contacting the police officers in your local police department who hold “Neighborhood Watch” seminars – regarding crime prevention tips.
  • Attempting to find a security firm with very knowledgeable/skilled employees who can help you design a strategy and install the equipment.
  • Ensuring that the decisions you make are not an example of “putting all your eggs in one basket”.

Marley_Ring -

If someone is distraught because their home has been robbed and their security cameras show no evidence of a break-in… I assume they probably would NOT be interested in purchasing additional security cameras (and/or other equipment) from the same manufacturer.

Regarding Ring POE cameras… some Ring Community members have reported that Ring POE cameras use WiFi (as well as Ethernet). Is this true? If so, is WiFi actually REQUIRED for any reason?

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I think a Ring moderator may have made a mistake. They designated a post I addressed to Marley_Ring as a solution to the OP’s original post. Interestingly, whoever did so did not answer the question in my post.

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It would be good to see more PoE offerings from Ring, especially a doorbell. The Elite is too hard to retrofit and way out of date with regards to features. It would be nice to see a Pro 2 style device (even if a bit larger) which could be surface mounted and do PoE for power and data. The other prime candidate is the floodlight cam. Needs to be hardwired for power anyway so why not make it PoE.

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