Creative idea for mounting a Ring Doorbell Wired

would like to buy a Ring Doorbell. Unfortunately, the switch or the underlying surface box on my facade is too wide. The Ring Doorbell is just under 5 cm wide, but the currently installed switch 8cm. Also, I would not like to drill around the facade. Does anyone have a creative idea how I can best mount the Ring Doorbell on top of the existing switch or above it? Currently it looks as seen in the photo or the “Ring Doorbell Wired” I have in mind:

First, find a qualified electrician, you don’t want to be playing with 240V, unless you know what you are doing.
The ring doorbell has 18V plug pack transformer, so you’re probably up for some rewiring anyway.
You could try a metal wall plate from an outdoor light switch. That will cover the existing hardware. Hard to tell, but if its plastic, should be easy to screw the new plate into it, then mount the ring doorbell on that.?

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