Creating more than one motion sensor zone Gen 2

On my old wired analogue security alarm the installation engineer set up 3 zones for the motion detectors. Overnight whilst asleep we have always had the old alarm armed but we were able to arm it but omitting motion zone 3 which was upstairs on the landing area. This meant that we were able to move around going to the loo or if the kids awoke and wandered around the alarm remained silent. Is there an option to set up the kit so I can be selective by creating then omitting/isolating a zone when in Home mode at bed time?

Hi @Eablet. You can’t set up different groups of sensors with the Ring Alarm system, but you can control which sensors are armed in both the Home and Away Mode. By default, Motion Detectors are not armed in Home Mode, but Contact Sensors are. The default settings for Away Mode arm all sensors. You can learn more about Modes and how to select which sensors are armed in each Mode here.

Hi Caitlyn. Thanks for confirmation of what I thought was a limitation of the motion sensors. I now know to apply contact sensors only to the upper bedroom windows.

Maybe a suggestion for future firmware upgrades that this selective option could be introduced.

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