Create Ring account, install, setup all Cameras

How can I install and setup an account for a homeowner that is not present and do not have access to his phone or email, is it possible to setup an account using my email which i already a ring account (without goofing up my account) then the homeowner can switch it to his. Not doing shared access
Or can I setup cameras, connect them to the houses wifi, allow updates , create an account using their email?
Or would the 2 step authentication block me from doing such ?
How does an installer setup cameras and account when the owner is not present?

Then the owner takes over logs in and is good to go,

Hi @EcoDieselDave. A Ring device can only be set up under one email address at a time. Changing the ownership requires that the device be removed from the account it’s on so that it can be set up under a different account. In this situation, you would either have to have the owner create a Ring account with their details and allow you to sign into it, or you would need them present at the time of the installation and setup. Signing into a Ring account on a new phone or computer prompts a two-step verification code sent to the phone number on file with the account.

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They cannot be present

So can the camera(s) be fully setup
Connected to the wifi
Adjusted , sensitivity , motion schedules for Camera & lights , Zones set etc…

Then have the camera removed/released (from my account in this case)

  • then added to the new account owners account, with all settings retained
    Or will all setting delete & require all new setup ?

Thanks for your expertise

@EcoDieselDave If you set the Ring Camera up under your Ring account, you would need to remove it and the owner would then need to set it back up under their Ring account. No settings would transfer, as there isn’t a way to transfer a Camera with all the settings from one Ring account to another.

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So the Best or only way is to create an account for the Owner, which would require access to his/her email correct .

Or just the user name & password? If I created that for them (they could change password later)

Is there a way to keep the 2 step verification off from the start,
so I would not need to contact the owners , be on the phone with them during setup bugging them for the texted or emailed code?

How does a family member setup ring cams or just a doorbell as a Surprise, for Grandparents so they can just add the app login once Surprise is out?
All is setup & working, assume they are elderly & can’t figure out the app, setting picking motion zones etc As example
Or how would an install professional setup cams for a homeowner that doesn’t live at the property

Appreciate your expertise, & must assume Ring has thought of everything

Thank you

@EcoDieselDave A ring account requires a valid email address and password, and two-step verification cannot be turned off for security purposes. As mentioned, you would either need the owners of the device to be present at setup, or have them allow you to sign into their Ring account to complete the setup process. Ring devices are designed to be DIY-friendly with step-by-step installation instructions during the setup process, so they are not designed specifically with professional installers in mind.

To sign into their account I would need the 2 step access Code when logging in correct ?

@EcoDieselDave Yes, signing into a Ring account on a new phone or computer will prompt a two-step verification code to complete the sign in. You would want to exchange the log-in info when the owners are available, then stay signed in until you complete the setup of the devices. If you sign out, or do not access the Ring app for 30 days, another verification code will be required when you sign in again.