Crash and smash question

Hello. Now that I’m considering a Ring alarm system, I’ve been reading on some on-line security articles about a deficiency in some alarms called crash and smash - basically where an intruder enters your home and destroys the keypad or base station before the interval countdown has timed out. Apparently, no alert to the monitoring company is therefore sent. I read a thread about this on the ring community but it is still not clear if Ring alarms are susceptible to this situation. For instance, there is mention that with crash ad smash protection, one could simply set the interval timer to zero, which is a solution I suppose if one is not home on vacation, but not so reasonable if you are just out and about and coming back home and do want the 30 second delay to deactivate. Could one of the moderators simply clarify this for all of us again and not just link the two year old thread I found that in all honestly, is not entirely clear? Thank you.

Hi @trail-explorer. The post you have linked has an answer by Caitlyn that seems to answer your question about “Crash and Smash”.

If the Base Station is somehow completely destroyed and cannot draw on the power of the backup battery before the alarm is triggered, it will not sound the siren and it will not send the signal to the Monitoring Center if you’re signed up with Professional Monitoring . If the signal is sent before the Base Station is damaged and unable to draw on the power from the backup battery, the Monitoring Center will still have received the signal and contact you.

What would you like clarification on?

@Justin_Ring On the Amazon questions and answers, Kandyce from Ring says that if base is destroyed or smashed DURING entry delay, then an alarm is indeed sent. This is contradictory to what was said in the linked thread. So who is correct?

@trail-explorer. I appreciate you pointing that out for me. I apologize; I misunderstood your question at first. If the Alarm Base Station is destroyed during its Entry Delay and no disarm signal is sent to our Monitoring Station, then they proceed to the next steps, where they call Emergency Contacts and dispatch police if need be. I will make sure to clarify this in the other thread. Thank you.

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