Crackling noise


I have a Ring Doorbell and I had it for 3-4 year ago. It has been working great.

It has start to have a crackling noise when you make a live view and it is impossible to hear the other side.

I thought it was the doorbell that was broken so I bought a Doorbell2 but the same problem :confused: what is the problem.

Hey @MatsGrano. Could you please attach a video of this for us to hear? This will help the people in the Community see what’s wrong for you! When attaching the video, you can share it on Community as a zip file or a url share link you can get from emailing/texting it.

We have done some more testing and if you connect the doorbell thru mobil network we only hear the noise in the app but the person at the doorbell hear me perfectly. If we connect the phone to wifi and then connect to the doorbell the noise will also be at the doorbell so the person att the doorbell will only hear that noise :confused:

Hey @MatsGrano. Thanks for isolating this! It seems like the phone is just having the poor connection, so it may be worth removing the Ring app from your phone, rebooting your phone, and then reinstalling the Ring app! This may help the overall performance of the app, and I also recommend that if you are using the wifi on your mobile phone, to turn it off if you need to join the Live View and know the sound will emit.

Please I have tried all that.

I have don some more testing. If I connect the doorbell to a mobilehotspot and do live view from a phone thru mobile internet it works great no poor audio everything is fine. If I do live view from the phone connect thru my wifi the doorbell start to make that noise. I hope that will help you to find out my problem a little bitt more. My hardware doorbell version 1 is okay not the software :confused:

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The Big Ring Fob Off

crackling noise on my doorbell since new, a few days ago I spoke to ring who made every excuse under the sun about the cause of this problem blaming everything they could other than their systems, like it’s because your on channel 36 and it’s because you’re on 5 GHZ and it’s because of the traffic on your network. I eventually got them to replace the doorbell and I put it on 2.4GHz on channel 6 exactly as they told me to, and guess what it’s exactly the same. Sort it out ring it’s not acceptable and actually not fit for purpose. You know about this problem there are posts relating to this that go back to and probably further than 2018. Stop the fob offs and fix the problem. I would upload a doorbell video for you to hear but what a surprise you don’t allow files with .mp4 extension, how convenient

I have just bought the stick up camera and used it for the first time my tech pro son has set it up but when we go onto live and we talk from my phone through the camera its crackles like the speaker isn’t right ? Any advice please ? I’m not impressed as it effects anyone understanding what we are saying through it ? I have the recordings with crackling on

Hi there, @Rach1! Audio concerns are often related to connection variables, such as wifi signal strength. The best first step will be to check out our Community post about RSSI, to see if there is any opportunity for improving signal for audio clarity. I recommend also choosing your 2.4 Ghz wifi network, rather than 5Ghz. Please also ensure there are not any environmental factors such as strong winds, inclement weather, or the Doorbell Pro itself is not loose on the wall it is mounted on. This will rule out any environmental noises as a culprit. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

I am having the same issue. I have never noticed it before. Please fix this:

I have the same problem. Ring please fix it.