Crackling Audio on Ring Pro video recordings

I recently installed a Ring Pro, and I have had a lot of problems getting Live View to work (that will be a separate post.)

I noticed that all video recordings are fine for the first 6-8 seconds. Then the audio completely breaks down into this crackling/popping noise for the rest of the clip. Here is an example:

This happens with every single video. Please help!

I guess I’ll answer my own question.

I spend a bit of time on customer support, and eventually Ring sent me a replacement Ring Pro. Installation was a bit tricky in that the replacement didn’t have sufficient charge, and I had to plug it in and wait about an hour for it to reset properly. The confusing part was that the Ring Pro showed a partially blinking white light when I first installed it, which I interpretted as it trying to connect to former owner’s (?) wifi.

Anyways, I finally got the replacement installed, and same problem! Crackling noise after 8 seconds. Eventually, I decided to try switching the Wifi network from 2.4GHz to 5GHz. That worked! Even though the 5GHz signal is weaker, the audio is now ok.

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If you have audio issues, or what you might suspect as Wifi issues, try switching from 2.4GHz Wifi to 5GHz Wifi, even if the 2.4GHz Wifi signal is stronger.