Cracked glass on Ring Pro doorbell


It’s the second time that the glass on my Ring Pro Door bell starts cracking. They replaced the first one two years ago and now I am having the same exact issue. It starts with hairline cracks and then it just spreads. It’s also not just from one spot or from an impact, it seems like the entire glass starts getting weak at the same time. Is anyone else having the same issue?


Same for me. Just noticed it today. Top left corner seems to have split from the side

Contacted Ring today. Great service and sending a replacement.

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I’m experiencing the same issue. Protection glass seems worn cause of the sunlight, showing white stains and microcracks. Since my device is out of warranty, all they can do is offer me a discount code for buying a new device. Apparently they’re not able to offer repair or sell me spare parts, while screwing the device apart shows that it’s very easy to replace this. Big shame that such a large and successful company can’t offer more than this.


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Same cracked glass issue. Makes it impossible to see out of the camera, especially at night. I find it hard to belive that a large company like this can’t offer replacement glass. All they can offer is replacement screws or screwdrivers. Or they’ll give you a discount code for a new product. Why would I buy the same product when the same problem is going to occur and then you’ll tell me its out of warranty again and the cycle repeats. Offer replacement glass to customers! It can be easily replaced! I have no problem spending a few bucks for replacement glass if it cracks every few years. But wanting me to spending a couple hundred bucks is a different story.

Mine just cracked, called customer service. Glass isn’t covered under warranty. Told me to buy a new one. However, there is a warranty for the new one, but it doesn’t include the glass. So much for a warranty. Looks like I’ll be shopping for different company that will actually stand by their product. So long ring!!

Hi, I just had the same issue with my ring doorbell pro.
The protection glass is tottally worn out because of the sun, microcracks.
Called ring and they are not able to help me. They offered me a code to buy a new product.
What good is this if they still have the same issue.
Looks like Ring is only good for 2 years and then you need to replace it! this is bad service!
Does anyone now where you can find a replacement protection glass maybe so we can fix it ourselves? thank you

Exactly one year later. Same problem again. 3rd unit in 3 years. Not impressed. I guess I am happy that they are replacing it but at some point they won’t. The glass clearly can’t withstand the Canadian winter.