Couldn't Load your locations

We have a ring pro doorbell. Some days ago I added a ring indoor cam. Since that point every time I open the app on my mobile (huawei) it brings up a blue and white screen that states: - Connection Error - Couldn’t load your Locations - We’re having trouble loading your Location information. Please try again. (and then a RETRY button that when pressed goes no where). I tried the UK phone line and could not hear or perhaps understand the Ring operative who may have been outside the UK.

Can anyone please assist as the app and the doorbell worked fine until I added the cam?

Hey @Goldensyrup, could you try removing the Ring app from your phone, restarting your phone, and then reinstalling it? Once reinstall, please try to load the location and see your device. If you get this error message again, please attach a screenshot of this as it happens!

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Thank you Chelsea Ring. Your suggestion worked perfectly.

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I just cut my iphone off and back on. I signed back in to Ring and both my doorbell and outdoor cam came back up.


I’m getting this error now. My wifi is very strong, literally everything else works on it except for this. I tried reinstalling the app & when I put my verification code in to log back into my account I just get a something went wrong message. Help!!!

Hi, i got this issue today my ring only works from mobile data, and not working if connected to the wifi. Still got this messege Ring couldn’t load your location. I reinstalled the app, but could only login if am in mobile network, so i have no idea whats wrong with it. Could someone help please. Thanks

Hi @Myke! As you mentioned only being able to log in on a mobile network, does this error still show up if you are using mobile data? There may be some security settings enabled on the wifi network, or even a VPN that might be conflicting with connection. It looks like this may be an android phone, so please also check for any apps that might conflict with the Ring app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I am facing similar issue as… ring app getting error about location. Follow the lead above re install and now getting somthing went wrong on login after entering code verification…

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Restarted iPhone, logged out of ring and logged back in…issue resolved.

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