Costumizing police response

I got an email saying i can customize police response. I don’t have this option. It says to do the following.

ap Settings.
3. Tap Monitoring.
4. Tap Police and Fire Response.
5. Tap Edit.
6. Select Send Police Only When Requested.
7. Tap Save when you’re done.

However when I tap monitoring dont get option police and fire response. I get a window that lets me select type of monitoring (professional or self monitoring) and a option to get a verified response for a fee if I opt in.

There is no section to pick what do edit what to do for a police and for response.

Help please.

Hi @user72330. In order to see the option of customizing your police response, you must have professional monitoring enabled, which does require a Pro Plan. If you do have it enabled, can you please show a screenshot of where the option is missing?