Corrosion and Pitting

My Video doorbell has corrosion and pitting on the metal covering that wraps around the front button. Looks like it’s aluminum with a thin copper veneer. The copper is flaking off and the aluminum underneath pitting. It’s around ALL the edges and even around the circular edges of the button. Is this a known defect and something Ring is addressing?

The doorbell was on the back of my house and not exposed to salts or any sort of chemicals. Just sunlight.

I have attached a picture. Disappointing seeing how much I paid for this.

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I have the same problem. Looks awful. Any solutions out there?


Hey neighbors, sorry to see this happening. Our devices are rated for outdoor use and are weather-resistant, being able to operate in temperatures of -5°F to 120°F (-20.5°C to 48.5°C). Of course, every environment varies, and extreme weather conditions should be avoided. Feel free to reach out to our support team for tips on operating conditions, and to look into this further.

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My doorbell has also pitted and corroded. It also isn’t holding a charge. When I contacted Ring Support, I was told that there was nothing they could do about it besides chage my solar panal. It’s not holding a charge so who cares about the solar panal?

Anyway, i was told that my only option was to buy another ring doorbell…ummmm…why would I do that? I am not going to buy more of the same problems. I said I would unfortanately have to cancel both my home and business doorbells (all same account) to which the person responded that he could help me do such… GREAT customer service!!!

Check out the picture…Buyer beware!

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Same has happened twice with mine. I’m now on my second replacement. Great service from Ring in sending me replacements, but I think the team really need to sort this out as the aluminium front plate (mine is bronze gold) isn’t weatherproof. It looks very much like battery leakage and I suspect it’s a reaction between the copper/aluminium and rainwater. Next time I ask for a replacement (I expect the same will happen in a year’s time) maybe I should go for the silver aluminium finish. I’m sure a decent layer of laquer on the finish would solve the problem.

Mine has stated rusting, pitting, even deforming, it’s in a covered entry without the sun hitting it. I called customer service and all they’ll do is offer 35% off a replacement. I have about 8 friends that I have referred and even installed the doorbell and alarm system, but I think it’s going to stop.

Hi there!
I have just the same issue here.
I bought one year ago and is already showing symptoms. The button got stuck due to the accumulation of rust around it.
I have opened it to clean it before it goes worst and find some condensation within the unit.

Anyone has condensation too?
I am thinking on dropping some silica balls inside the unit to help balancing the humidity. Any thoughts?


Yep, same issues with ours. Called ring customer service before and they said nothing they can do about it. such a shame!

Hi everyone

Same thing has happened to mine and I was offered 35% off. Not great to be honest.

I think the Venetian bronze models all have this issue.

Ring needs to address this issue

Interesting as my camera is the same. It’s just like the problems with Land Rover Defenders that start to electronically corrode due to the copper and aluminium. There seems to be a black coated copper covering. Do we know if we strip this and repaint it with let’s say enamel paint wether the wi-fi will still work? Is this alloy and copper required to make the wi-fi connect? If you remove the metal cover the device goes offline!
Ring Team can you verify this?

Same corrosion problem. I also was offered just a discount to buy another one.

It is a KNOWN DEFECT. What type of poor materials do you use. Why should u be allowed to expect people to buy it again??
How should you be allowed sell it in first place.

Same here. Should be considered illegal.

Same problem here after 1 year old. Also the copper finish. Poor!

Hi there - just noticed our doorbell has same corrosion problem - under a porch, in SW England so fairly mild weather / temp. Is it best to contact customer support? I’ll be asking for a replacement, or a refund. Bought ours Jan 21. Already starting to degrade at edges.

Hi @Freewheel. Yes, we recommend contacting support so they can review the physical damage alongside the warranty and determine the best solution for you. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support. :slight_smile:

Same on our door bell . May i ask for advise pls.
Warm regards
Derek yu
Dublin ireland

Mine is the Venetian bronze/copper model and it also has this issue. Spoke to Customer Support (as the doorbell is just within the 1 year warranty period) and I will be sending some pics of my unit back to them, so they can assess and rectify the issue with a new replacement unit.

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Mine too… They won’t do anything to send me a new cover.

Lives under a front door canopy and clearly not capable of sustaining exposure to even mild moisture. Not fit for purpose but best it seems is a discount on a new one.