Correct screwdriver for Ring2 security screw?

Managed to misplace mine and battery is drained. Please help.
No idea what size the torx/umbraco is

Hello @AB and @ErikOK ,

Yes, @AB is correct on the correct on the Torx T6 and Torx T15 (newer models have a notch/post in the center to prevent ordinary T15 screw-bits).

You can get these from Amazon or eBay, but if you only need the “Orange Screwdriver” to get the cover-plate off with the Security T15 bit, then that is available on the Ring websites (Go to “Accessories” and look up “Spare Parts”). You’ll find several “Spare Parts” kits, and although you’ll end up with additional parts you probably won’t need, at least you’ll get the screwdriver (and the price is low).

For example for $1.99

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Ah, @AB , good catch. I’ll correct/edit my above post. Here’s more “Spare Parts” kits for doorbells. That “Orange Screwdriver” has a reversible bit with one end with the Security Torx bit.


Hello @AB ,

Well :thinking: that is strange that Orange Screwdriver kit comes with Security Screw(s) but yet the screwdriver in the kit can’t be used on them. Unlike you, I had not purchased any of these kits, and I just assumed that screwdriver worked. Thank you for the correction, again. :smiley:
Very Strange :confused:

@Chelsea_Ring , why don’t these kits contain a Torx15 Security Screwdriver?

Hey @AB @Boone and @ErikOK! Happy to chime in here, and thanks for @-ing me in the reply so I could take a look into it for you all. So after discussing with my team of experts, they let me know that the Tamperproof T15 Torx screwdriver (the one with the notch that @AB referenced) is not available for purchase via, as it is for Doorbells that we no longer sell. This is why when you have purchased the spare parts kit, you were able to see it included.

No sweat though, if you ever need this exclusive screwdriver, or better yet any spare parts for discounted items, I just recommend calling into our support team, explaining to them what you need, and they should be able to send out the proper tools for you to set up or take down your Doorbell when you need to. Since different devices require different pieces for installation, I recommend phoning our support team so they can reference your personal account to get this for you. :slight_smile: Thank you neighbors!


Awesome @Chelsea_Ring ! Thank you for that quick reply and explanation! :smiley: