correct method of wiring directly to transformer


I want to wire a video doorbell 2 directly to a transformer i have soildered thew resistor and am wondering if the attached picture is the correct way of wiring it ?


Hi, @hoddi. To ensure that your wiring is done properly, it is always best to contact a local electrician. If you are ever unsure about a wiring configuration, it may be best to have someone come out and see the setup in person to make sure that there are no concerns, as all wires, transformers and resistors are different!


Your wiring specifications say a 8 - 24v transformer and a 25ohm 50w resistor when there is no mechanical chime in between.
The picture i attached contains those parts wired in series to the doorbell
Since you are the product manufacturer please confirm this is the correct wiring, i will then have an electrician come over to handle it

Thank you

Hiya @hoddi! Please check out our help article here for more information on how to wiring should look. :smiley_cat: