Correct height for Ring 4 which is below road level

I’ve just purchased a Ring 4 and I see that the recommended height for installation is 48". My front door is below road level and my drive runs down to the house.
I’m already having to use corner wedges, so will a slight increase of the bell height compensate for my sloping drive or do I have to use an upward wedge as well?
Thanks in advance.

Interesting I see so many Ring doorbells on my travels that have been installed to high.

Hi @user40940. The recommended installation height is what works for most houses, as neighbors who install their Doorbell higher than that tend to experience some issues with motion detection from the road. However, you might need to adjust that height depending on your home and front porch layout. You mentioned that your door is below road level, so adjusting the installation height a bit higher may help to some extent.

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Thank you for your response and your advice. I will hold the doorbell against the wall at various heights while a willing volunteer walks up and down the drive to establish the appropriate height!

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