Cool Down Mode

Can Ring provide a straight answer as to what functions are turned off during Cool Down Mode. I have one of my Floodlight Cam Wired Pro which goes into this mode on and off. Not weather related (it’s on a North facing wall in England). Technical support did a job at fobbing me off and effectively told me to ignore it. I get the impression Ring doesn’t know how their own products work. Simple question surely for Ring but no mention of it in documents and they seem to want to see screenshots (happily provided, but worrying that it appears an unfamiliar mode for them). Has anyone got any experience with this?

You have to realize that the people that work at support are low paid and primarily script readers. To get useful support personnel would require a lot more money which isn’t going to happen.

Here’s what I found after a internet search, hope it answers your questions.
Ring Devices and Extreme Temperatures – Ring Help

Thanks for the reply. I acknowledge that the initial support bods can only offer limited efforts. We did the classic ‘let’s try resetting it’ dance (yes, I tried that too before calling) and I ended up speaking to an ‘advanced technical support’ operator ‘in the States’ (chap called ‘Vincent’) who did the fobbing. He looked at the temperatures but came to no firm conclusions as to why it was going into this mode. I expected some interest but with the eventual replacement of the camera. ‘Vincent’ was not keen on this.

The article you signpost is very rational if the camera was actually in a hot spot, but it is doing this without an obvious external influence. A faulty camera? Vince didn’t think so although my other camera on the same wall is fine.

I now continue to enjoy a camera with unknown functionality turned off every so often. As a customer, the ‘ignore this problem’ doesn’t sit right when I expect this product to work with functions as advertised. My camera is literally telling me it’s stopped certain functions. Tech support say otherwise with no decent explanation. All strikes me as a bit weird. I don’t live in downtown Rio, but really hoping the functionality it’s chosen to secure isn’t what I’m expecting of it when I get burgled.

Prepping myself to escalate unless I get something ground breaking here. I imagine Which? might be interested to hear.