Converting ring alarm pro to primary router shows no network connection

I have an existing setup with cable modem → Google wifi → Ring Alarm Pro. The Google Wifi is no longer supported, so I’d like to replace it with the Ring Alarm Pro (Cable modem → Ring).

When I do this, the eero app reports that there’s no wired connection and the wifi icon on the ring goes red.

  • I’ve restarted the ring alarm pro and cable modem without any change.
  • I know the cables work because they work in the existing setup.
  • I checked for some kind of mac filtering or something, but there are basically no options in the cable modem GUI.

I’ve seen lots of posts about the Ring Alarm pro working as a router, so it seems like this should be possible. Am I missing something?

To be clear, I’m physically plugging in the cable from the cable modem into one of the ring alarm pro ethernet ports (I’ve tried both).

much better to call eero

Hi @user75404. The Ring Alarm Pro has a built-in eero wifi router, so it can be connected to your modem via ethernet cable in order to provide wifi to your other devices. To properly set this up, make sure to follow these steps, as there is a portion of the setup process that must be completed within the eero app.

If your ISP requires additional configuration like WAN VLAN tagging or using a Static IP, you won’t be able to set up the Ring Alarm Pro using these configurations initially. Eero has some information for additional configuration requirements here that may be helpful as well.