Controlling your Ring Cameras and Video Doorbell with Alexa (Echo devices & Fire TV)

This guide will help you get the most out of your Alexa and Ring devices, from notifications, to live view, and more. To start, you’ll need the Alexa app and Ring app installed, along with a compatible Alexa device.

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Setup the Ring Skill in the Alexa app
  • Open the Alexa app
  • Tap More (three lines on the bottom right).
  • Select Skills & Games from the menu that appears.
  • Search for Ring in the search box.
  • Find the Ring Skill and tap the Enable button.
  • Alexa will ask you to sign into your Ring account (This will link your Ring and Alexa account).

Discover devices:

  • Tap the Discover Devices button for your Ring devices to appear and be connected to Alexa automatically.
  • Tap Forget on the right side, if you don’t want Alexa to integrate with a particular Ring device.
  • Alternatively; Ask, “Alexa, discover my devices” > Tap Devices > Tap Discover
Alexa Notifications and Announcements

Open the Alexa app

  • Tap the Devices tab at the lower right-hand section of your screen.
  • Tap All Devices.
  • Select the desired Ring device(s) for notifications.
  • Turn on the Doorbell Press or Motion Announcement option

Learn more about announcement through Alexa, here.

Live Viewing with Alexa

To view live activity from your Ring Video Doorbell or Camera, say:

  • “Alexa, show [Ring Device Name].” (does not enable microphone)
  • “Alexa, hide [Ring Device Name].”

To stop your live Ring feed, say:

  • “Alexa, hide the front door.”
  • “Alexa, go home.”
  • “Alexa, stop.”

If you have an Echo Spot device, you can also zoom by saying:

  • “Alexa, zoom in.”
  • “Alexa, zoom out.”
View the Most Recent Recording

If you have an active Ring Protect Plan subscription, you can view recently recorded videos by saying;

  • “Alexa, show me the last activity from [Ring Device Name].”
  • “Alexa, show the most recent event from [Ring Device Name].”
  • “Alexa, fast-forward.”
  • “Alexa, fast-forward 10 seconds.”
  • “Alexa, fast-forward 1 minute.”
  • “Alexa, rewind.”
  • “Alexa, rewind 10 seconds.”
  • “Alexa, rewind 1 minute.”
  • “Alexa, pause.”
  • “Alexa, play.”
Two-way Communication

What do I say to my Alexa-enabled device to start a Two-Way Communication?

  • “Alexa, talk to [Ring Device Name].”
  • “Alexa, talk to the person at the [Ring Device Name].”
  • “Alexa, can I talk to the person at my [Ring Device Name].”
  • “Alexa, please call [Ring Device Name].”
  • “Alexa, answer [Ring Device Name].”
  • “Alexa, speak to the [Ring Device Name].”
  • “Alexa, I wanna talk through [Ring Device Name].”
  • “Alexa, begin the call with [Ring Device Name].”
  • “Alexa, get the call going with [Ring Device Name].”
  • “Alexa, make a call to [Ring Device Name].”
  • “Alexa, respond to [Ring Device Name].”

What do I say to my Alexa-enabled device to end a conversation?

  • “Alexa, stop.”
  • “Alexa, stop the communication.”
  • “Alexa, end.”
  • “Alexa, exit.”

Note: Two-way communication can be disabled on an Echo Show or Echo Spot by pressing the mic button during Live View.

Learn more about using Alexa to control your Ring devices in our Help Center article.

Have a Fire TV?
Connect your Ring devices to your Alexa-enabled Fire TV. to view live video from your Ring Security Cameras or Video Doorbells.

View Your Ring Cameras From the Smart Home Dashboard

To access this dashboard, say:

“Alexa, show my Smart Home Dashboard.”

You can view and live view your Ring Cameras, as well as view other Alexa-compatible smart home devices.

Picture-in-Picture Live View

Picture-in-Picture Live View is available on these Fire TV / Smart TV models:
  • Amazon Fire TV Cube (2nd Generation)
  • Toshiba 4K Fire TV Edition (2020 Model)
  • Insignia 4K Fire TV Edition (2020 Model)

The following Alexa options can be used:

  • To answer a visitor, say:
    “Alexa, talk to [Ring Device Name].”

  • To expand the view to full-screen, say:
    “Alexa, show me [Ring Device Name].”

  • To pull up a live feed, say:
    “Alexa, preview [Ring Security Camera Name].”

Troubleshooting your Fire TV?
Visit the Amazon Help Center for great tips such as Restarting your Fire TV.

For more information on the using your Ring devices with Fire TV, check out our Help Center article.

If you are looking to use your Ring and Alexa devices together, check out our Community guide below! :slight_smile: