Continuously, ringing

I have a Video Doorbell 2nd Gen that I have to take off to charge, no issue there. But tonight I took it off to change and sat it face down. (Per usual) Every couple of minutes it would say someone was ringing the doorbell. I picked it up and cleaned the button to ensure nothing was pushing it. I then it back on the mount outside. Not 2 minutes later, it started ringing again. There was no bugs, cars, or movements outside.
I restarted the ring multiple times and I checked to ensure the firmware was up to date. After that didn’t work I then reset the ring completely not only once, but twice.
After 69 total ring notifications within two hours I reset it and left it inside for the night.

Does anyone have any experience with this issue? I’m of course out of my warranty and will be calling support as well but figured I would ask here.

Hi @user57187. That definitely shouldn’t happen, especially after cleaning the Doorbell and resetting it. In this case, I’d urge you to get in touch with support so they can run through any other applicable troubleshooting steps with you and determine the best resolution.

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