Continuous tamper alerts from door sensor (v2)

Last night I was woken up by my alarm (in disarmed mode) as one of the door sensors ended up flapping between tampered and normal state. It did at least a hundred transitions within a few minutes, every time accompanied with a sound from the base station and triggering an alert on my phone. When I realised what the noise was I tried to disable it somehow but realised that I can’t. At the end I walked to my garden shed (where the sensor was) and just removed the sensor so at least it stays constantly in tampered mode. My question is if there is any other way such event can be handled using the app and most importantly muted? I can’t imagine what would have happened if we were away for a longer period of time and my neighbours had to listen the noise.

Hi @Balazs. The Tampered notification is to alert you that the cover may not be completely secured on the Contact Sensor, so it cannot be disabled in the Ring app. The only way to clear this notification is to ensure that Contact Sensor cover is securely snapped into place, which should clear the Tampered status in the Ring app. Another cause of the Tamper notification happening repeatedly or not clearing would be interference or poor signal from the Contact Sensor to the Base Station. Different building materials, such as metals, can cause interference with the Z-Wave signal and the Tampered status may not update correctly.

I’d recommend first checking the Contact Sensor itself to ensure the cover is firmly snapped on and that it clears the Tampered status when doing so. If that doesn’t resolve this, there could be some interference at play. You can learn more about the different devices and building materials that may cause interference here. In that case, you may need to adjust the placement of your Contact Sensor to improve the signal.

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring ,

Thanks for your answer. The thing is that this door sensor had been working without an issue for more than a year until the sudden continuous tamper alert came. If it was caused by the cover I assume it would not have repeated dozens of times without anyone being around or touching it.
I understand that such glitches happen, but it would be very useful if we could “mute” it or at least disable tamper alerts, because otherwise if we are not around to physically check/fix the issue it would render the alarm useless until we come back home.


@Balazs I understand where you’re coming from, but the Tampered notification can’t be disabled since it is designed to notify you of a potential security concern with your Contact Sensor. You’re welcome to add your suggestion to our Feature Request board as that is where we gather and share feedback with our teams. If this Contact Sensor is outdoors, since you mentioned it’s on a shed, it’s possible the weather could have affected the cover. If the information I shared in my previous reply doesn’t help resolve the Tampered status, our support team would be able to take a closer look.