Continuous recording?

I have a spotlight camera. Is there a way for it to continuously record when motion is sensed? Now, it only records for 1-2 mins at a time then stops, and starts a new recording.

Continuous recording is not supported by Ring.

I have 2 questions to you before I purchase this product. Can you Pl help.

I guess that your phone gets a notification when a motion is detected. At this time can you go to the phone app and view the recording of what triggered the notification (without a subscription). Or without sub is it only live view is possible?

I just tested, and my camera only records in 31 second intervals. Then, it takes a few seconds to start recording the next 31 seconds.

A lot could happen in those few seconds, why would it not continuously record when it senses motion?


thank you so much.

Did you have to pay (have a subscription) to play back those 31s clips?

are they saved in your local camera as files so you can watch over and over again

can you explain this a bit.

And what model do you have? Would you recommend this.

Yes, you have to have a subscription to play back any video. It’s not expensive but there are limitations and privacy concerns.

You can easily miss something in the few seconds between recordings. By the time you can get to live view, whatever triggered it could be at your front door (assumeing it’s not the doorbell cam, in which case you still wont know anything until its at your front door and if your home, thats too late)

Also know, as long as power is on to the device, its recording video and audio every time it’s triggered, and that means you or your guests and any conversations you have near it.