Continuous Live view on laptop

How can I set up Continuous Live view using Windows 10 Laptop and Mac IOS MacBookPro?

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I have tried looking thru the laptop but cannot seem to get it either. Think you have to download the Ring App

can i have a continuious live view and hear the bell via my windows 10 laptop

Hey neighbors! The Ring devices are unable to have a continuous Live View on all platforms including streaming devices like Alexa, your Ring app (on mobile and PC app) and on The Live View will automatically close and time out after 10 minutes. Hope this helps clear this up!

NOTE: I have the Ring app, the base station, keypad, and all the sensors in addition to the cameras. I have reviewed all settings and continuous live view is not available. My software is up to date as is my subscription. I know how to use computers and cell phones, so please do not get into troubleshooting for first time users.

@Chelsea_Ring your reply was a simple deflection of the question. Customers are aware of the issue with no live viewing and have been requesting an added feature for years. So, no, your reply did nothing to clear anything up besides confirm what users already know. This is poor customer service and patronizing.

No action has been taken from Ring, and the demand for the option to continuously view video feeds is overwhelming. A security system with numerous cameras needs an option for continuous live view so it can be monitored in real time and before someone gets close enough to the camera to trip the sensor. The sensor doesn’t activate until someone is at my door and could easily be inside. A snapshot does nothing, and by the time my camera detects motion, the person has already crossed the threshold of the motion detector. Therefore, I only get notifications during or after someone approaches.

There is nothing technical or legal that prevents Ring from adding this simple feature for monitoring on business and home systems (like computers, smart TVs, Chromecast). If it takes up more recording space, it can be offered as an add-on or as part of the protection plan. OR the continuous live view could be watched but not record unless motion is detected.
This is not a complex programming fix, and its lack defeats the purpose of having a Ring security system at your home to guard the Home Mode cameras. If I have the dashboard up on a big screen computer monitor, all I get is snapshots. This is not only unnecessary, but essentially defeats the purpose of the Home mode. Even my front and back door cameras are not live, so it waits for a notification and can only serve as a peephole to see who is at the door.

This issue was brought up in 2019 and no changes have been made. There are a number of similar home security systems available these days, and there is no justification for keeping Ring when SimpliSafe and other manufacturers provide the same functionality as well as monitoring of cameras.

No business would agree to non-continuous monitoring. At my job, we use a non-ring system with 4 cameras displayed in real time.

Ring works great for when you are away, but as a home security system, it is useless. The entry delays on Home mode have the option of a short time before the alarm sounds or an unreasonable amount of time before the system siren activates. Setting the delay to 0 minutes for exit activates the alarm immediately, even when users forget that the system is activated. I cannot have alarms sounding in my building. The door sensors set of the alarm every time a door is opened, however the other options leave clients vulnerable to dangerous or criminal activity.

If there is a reason that this feature is not provided, please let me know. Arlo has a similar system, as does SimplySafe. I prefer the Ring system, but I have no use for cameras that don’t show anything. In fact, the intervals between snapshots are long enough for someone to get past the sensor and not be detected on a snapshot. If the motion sensor doesn’t go off immediately, there is no recording, no live view, and no point of a home security system. Again, no explanation has been given in response to the customer requests.

Thank you for your time and please pass these requests the appropriate staff. I will start a new topic thread to get users who are currently signed up to express their grievances, however this was the only one topic/post I could locate.

I would be happy to discuss this via email or phone, however I understand that has become a large corporation at this point, has a significant market share, and doesn’t have to put on any features simply because hundreds of clients complain. If I recall, started small and the customer service was great. Eliminating customer service and satisfaction for purposes of getting more money customers and supporting your bottom line is a great way to drive customers to SimpliSafe, Arlo, or any number of other systems. If you wish to keep customers, ignoring significant requests is a poor use of your time. Thank you.


I can see both sides of this one. Ring and other such security systems are cloud based in that your video goes straight to the cloud and you access it via an app of some sort on a device. In reality more motion/alerts based. Hence the drawback is all the time you are viewing it is using part of your internet bandwidth both the up stream and down stream. A lot of folk have fairly poor upstream as it is. Provided you have a strong enough WiFi signal Ring products work great for motion detection and alerts (especially the doorbells).

An NVR based PoE system like HikVision/Amcrest/Lorax etc has local storage and the NVR acts as the video server so you can easily get 24/7 live view by just going to the IP address, connecting it via an HDMI cable toy our TV or by using an app to access to NVR while out and about. Plus you get 24/7 recording in up to 4k depending on your cameras. Apart from the app this is all over your internal LAN so not killing internet bandwidth. These systems are not expensive compared to something like Arlo Ultra which can run about $1000 for 4 cameras and lacks the 24/7 recording. The down side of the NVR systems is you need to run cat 6 cable to the cameras from the NVR.

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Hi @jonathansgoldman. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback here. As Chelsea did mention, Ring devices do not support continuous Live View. The Live View can be opened for up to 10 minutes, and it does time out after that period of time. Additionally, @bemak187 brings up some good information regarding how video storage with Ring devices works compared to other types of systems. With that said, we’ve received feedback and requests for a longer Live View duration before. I would recommend adding your thoughts on this specific request in the Feature Request board here. We do appreciate the feedback we receive, and this will help us to better organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. :slight_smile:

Continuous live view needs to be made available on Ring products. It does no good to see a video hours later after an incident has occurred.