Continuous Live View Feature

Does anyone know if this feature is coming to Ring anytime soon? I found a thread relating to this topic but looks like it was closed down in 2021. Seems like a lot of customers have requested this feature so I’m wondering why it has not yet been added. Perhaps there is a technical or legal reason? Would be good to know one way or the other. Thanks!

Hi @PhileasFrog . The ability to record or utilize the Live View continuously is not available, but other neighbors have requested this feature before. You can add your feedback and vote on this suggestion by clicking the feature request below.

Once we have any relevant information to share regarding a feature request, we will share that information. At this time, we don’t have any additional information to share on continuous Live View, but your continued feedback is appreciated. I’m going to mark this reply as a solution so that other neighbors can locate the related feature request easily. :slight_smile: