Continued drop outs using Rapid ring app

I recently installed the Rapid Ring app on my iphone 7 because of having so much trouble connecting using the main Ring app, this was suppose to be a smaller and quicker app.

Every time I connect to my Outdoor Flood cam that is connected through a Chime Pro, I lose the connection about every 15-20 seconds and then it reconnects (most of the time). It will repeat several times. About every 3-4 times this happens, the connection will drops and it won’t reconnect. The RSSI for the driveway camera is 67 and the chime pro is also 67. Thinking about adding another outdoor camera but concerned this will happen with than one.

Hi @szvacek. Based on what you’re experiencing, it sounds like it may be due to the wifi signal that your Ring is receiving. You can learn more about RSSI in our Community Post here, and you can find some helpful tips on how to improve it in our Help Center Article here. Improving the RSSI on your Ring should reduce any delays or disconnects when accessing the Live View. I hope that helps. :slight_smile: