"Continue" button doesnt appear on phone screen to install chime Pro @

Trying to add Ring Chime Pro 2 to my system. Had already installed a security cam and Chime (downstairs) for better coverage.
Cannont finish 2nd chime install upstairs because the “continue” button does not show on the screen!
Ring tech could not help and eventually just gave up.
Anybody else run into this and what is the fix?
My original phone failed so I am using my wifes phone which is the exact same brand and model (Nokia 7.1 Android 10 or 11).
I can download the app, but the button doesnt show during install.
Any help is appreciated.

Clear the cache for the app and try. If that doesn’t work try clearing the storage for the app (this will likely require re-login).
Also, sometimes one has to call Support multiple times before finding an agent that is able to assist.