Contacting support centre from Ireland

Can somebody tell me what is the phone number to call Ring support centre from Ireland? Invalid number is on the a ring website and the chat doesn’t work neither

I get no calls on the phone if somebody rings the bell, so I need help

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If you are okay with it, I successfully solved an issue I had with a Ring Camera by using the Chat function. It was online chat and my issue was dealt with in just a few minutes.
I’m also in Ireland.

Might be worth a go.

Hi @Hanna1304. Can you let me know which number you’re calling to contact our support team? The phone number for Ireland should be 00 800 87 00 97 81. This number may not be accessible from some mobile network providers, which could be the problem. What time were you attempting to contact support? I can check with my team on this to ensure the correct phone number is listed.

As for your concern with receiving notifications, I can point you in the right direction with some troubleshooting tips. First, ensure you have Ring Alerts toggled on under Devices > your Doorbell in the Ring app. Then review the information to resolve notification issues here if you have an iOS device, or here if you have an Android device. Let me know if any of those suggestions help.