Contact sensors tripping due to loose doors

In our warehouse, we have a contact sensor placed on our entrance doors. The entrance features two swinging doors that close toward each other, with the right door latching into the left door, and the left door latching into the ground. The contact sensor is correctly installed, with the sensor on the left door and the magnet on the right door, both within an inch of each other.

The doors, however, aren’t 100% immovable when closed. If it’s windy out or if you just push the door slightly, the doors will move an inch or two. This causes the sensor to trigger. We had a windy day here yesterday and the entrance door sensor triggered opened/closed 100+ times.

When I research solutions, I keep being directed to risers. I don’t believe this is the solution because in normal circumstances, the sensors are perfectly aligned and don’t trigger — it’s only when there’s slight movement in the doors. Any ideas on what to do?

Hi @user74477. In this situation, it seems like the best approach would be to reinforce the doors so they don’t move as much.