Contact Sensor Tamper Settings

Why isn’t there an option to decide how our system responds to a “tampered” contact sensor when the system is armed? It seems unnecessary to automatically trigger the alarm if a sensor (on the inside of my home) all of a sudden becomes “tampered”. I understand why some would want this to happen, but at the very least having the option to do nothing would be nice.

This happened for no reason to me last night and terrified not only us, but our neighbors. This seems to be quite a substantial issue upon searching these support boards.

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Reasons a Contact Sensor can show as tampered are if they are not placed on the mounting bracket correctly, not installed close enough to the magnet, or if the tamper switch is damaged. Tampering should not happen randomly or be a consistent concern. Check out our Help Center article about tampered status for more troubleshooting tips.

Your feedback is also appreciated! Feel free to check out our Feature Request Board to vote on requests and/ or make a new request. :slight_smile:

I agree that it should not happen randomly. But that is what happened at 11:30pm to trigger the entire alarm system. I understand technology is not perfect. But having the option to customize how our alarm system responds seems pretty simple and an obvious solution to this problem that many people have had. I have posted this in the feature request board but what is that going to do? This just seems like a simple fix that should go without saying.

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that’s exactly what happen to me at 5:50 A.M today all noise every where is not necessary because a tamper sensors