Contact sensor placement for sash window?

Hi. Just installed my first Ring security system in the UK. Is there are any issue with installing the sensor and magnet horizontally, so one is on the bottom half of the window edge and one the top half of the window?

All pics show putting the sensor on the bottom half of the frame and magnet on the bottom half of the window. It’s probably unlikely, but if a burglar slides the top half of the window down then that way would not trigger, but my way would. The disadvantage/advantage of mine is that it is visible so may encourage burglar to smash widow for entry/scare them off? Should I worry?

These senors are on second bedrooms that lead to a hallway with a motion sensor so additional cover there.

Probably no right or wrong answer and I’ve put them in now - but curious of the community thoughts. Cheers.

So I suppose the real answer is that it doesn’t matter where you put them as really you need glass break sensors to be properly protected?

Hi @Jaunty. If you haven’t checked out our Help Center yet, you can find some tips on how to install your Contact Sensors here. There are some photos included as well to better demonstrate how to install them on different window shapes and types. As for the request for a glass break sensor, you can use Alexa Guard to detect broken glass if you have an Alexa-enabled device. You can read more about the Alexa Guard feature here as well. I hope you find this information helpful. :slight_smile: