Contact sensor on shutters

I need to install a contact sensor on the inside of a shutter.
Do I need to use the chunkier and more expensive outdoor sensor or a standard one will be fine?
As it’s on the inside of the shutter, it’s protected from rain. But I’m worried about the temperatures in winter.

Also, if the outdoor one is required: I need an additional magnet as that I can set the alarm on “home” even when this shutter is open, but you can only buy a spare magnet for the indoor sensor. Will the indoor magnet work with the outdoor contact sensor?


I recommend the Outdoor Sensor. I have one installed on a roller shutter.

The indoor sensor is not protected against humidity and that will be its downfall. Plus the Outdoor Sensor sensibly uses AA batteries which are easier to install and last a lot longer than the CR2032 installed in the indoor sensors. The AA batteries are arguably quicker to swap out too.

Yes, any magnet will do for your second magnet. I have one from a third party sensor doing the same thing, its attached just using good old Gaffa Tape!

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Hi @user74116. Yes, you can use the Outdoor Sensor indoors if you are worried about the temperatures inside of the shutter. The Outdoor Sensor has an operating temperature range of -4°F to 120°F (-20°C to 49°C). You can use your own magnet, it does not have to specifically be the Ring spare magnet. We also have some tips on installing Ring Contact Sensors on different types of doors and windows here, which might help. :slight_smile: