Contact sensor not triggering entry delay or alarm

Hi, our contact sensor for the main front door has never worked properly. It detects when the door is open and closed, but it never triggers the entry delay process when opened. I’ve tried reinstalling but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks.

To be clear, it’s also not setting off the alarm either. So effectively, it’s redundant other than the beep noise the base station makes whenever it’s opened.

Hi @user51247. To trigger the Entry Delay, a Contact Sensor needs to be set as the Main Door under Device Settings > Placement. Secondary Door and Window Placements will automatically trigger the Alarm rather than the Entry Delay. If you need help adjusting your Entry Delay, you can find information on that here.

Additionally, you can manage which sensors are monitored in each Mode (Home or Away). This can be done by navigating to Settings > Modes from the main menu in the Ring app. Tap on either Home or Away Mode and select Sensors. This will bring up a list of all the sensors set up with your Ring Alarm, and you can toggle monitoring for each one on or off. If the sensor is not monitored in a particular Mode, it would not trigger the siren.

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