Contact sensor "Magnetic Tamper" implemented?

Being an infosec guy, thinking about ways to bypass things is my second nature and when I saw the Ring contact sensors, I can’t help but wonder: what to stop someone putting a really strong magnet outside the window to keep the magnetic sensor engaged while opening the window?

The sensor’s specs on the Z-Wave website ( does indicate a “Sensor Condition” of “Magnetic Tamper” which probably meant to detect this, but I wonder if this is actually implemented?

Funny you should mention that issue. Last night I had an ‘anomaly’ where the system indicated that the basement door was open when I tried to arm the system for the night. The door was not open and the sensor seemed to be working OK when I played with it. Then my basement motion sensor kept saying that it detected motion when there wasn’t any. That motion sensor is actually a backup in case somebody got in the door or windows without setting off the alarm. While I was messing with those, the idea of bypassing the sensors with a magnet got me thinking that the backup motion sensor was a good idea. I’d also be interested to know whether the magnetic tamper alerts actually implemented or not.