Contact sensor keeps going offline state unknown

I have ring alarm system and 3 contact sensors. The 1 on my back door keeps disconnecting and saying status unknown. No mention of battery level getting low or anything in event history. Never reconnects unless replace batteries. When I replace the battery it does come back online. I’ve replaced the batteries 4 or 5 times but each time it happens after few weeks. It hadn’t happened for the 2-3 years prior to recently. I’ve just factory reset it and changed batteries again but wondering if anything else that need to do or any thoughts on what may be causing the issue please

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call ring and request for replacement if its under warranty

Hi @user62318. Factory resetting the Contact Sensor and replacing the batteries are both good troubleshooting steps. How far from the Base Station is this Contact Sensor installed? It’s possible the signal is weak, which could cause the battery to drain more quickly and for the sensor to disconnect.

You can try bringing the Contact Sensor closer to the Base Station to see if it still disconnects like previously. If this issue persists, I’d urge you to contact our support team and request to speak with the Ring Alarm team to take a closer look at this.

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