Contact sensor going offline / Is the wireless keypad a repeater?


I just started to install the 14-piece Alarm kit at my house. It’s a two-story house. I have the base station in my home office, one keypad by the front door, another keypad downstairs, and another range extender downstairs.

Some of the contact sensors downstairs have gone offline a few times, and I’m struggling to understand why. The distance from the base station to the downstairs range extender is maybe 30 feet. From there to one of the contact sensors is literally less than 6 feet, and perhaps about 20 feet to the other contact sensors that have gone offline.

Is this really a range issue? Do I need another range extender?

I also read somewhere that wireless keypads also function as repeaters in the Z-wave mesh. Is that true? If so, then the distance from the base station to the keypad and from there to the range extender is less than 20 feet each, probably.

What should I do, or at least, what should I do to determine the problem?


I pretty sure the keypad is not a repeater.

It’s not only the distance but also objects (walls, bricks, granite, etc).

For me, I had to use 4 extenders in my one story house and 30 ft was sometimes too far especially with walls in between. Also keep in mind that in order to have a device attach to a new/moved extender you need to take the battery out to reset it. You basically have to keep moving the extender around to different plugs and resetting the device to see if you can find a “sweet spot”.