Contact sensor goes offline

I have 1 sensor that, after months of reliability, will not stay online. The sensor is on a door less that 10 feet from an Extender and about 20 feet from the base station. About 10 days ago it disappeared from my managed devices. I had to remove the sensor and take it to the base station to re-pair.

The sensor now goes off line every day. I have to manually reconnect it using the app. The battery shows that it is fully charged.

I am not impressed that a sensor just vanished from my managed devices and not happy that I have to reconnect it on a daily basis.

Sorry to hear about this experience @Art2Sect4! If you have another Contact Sensor or Motion Detector, try swapping the battery to see if a low battery might be causing it to go offline. Additionally, a good test for connection in the area could also be to place the Keypad nearby and monitor it’s connection there.

I recommend reaching out to our support team, at 800-656-1918, for more indepth troubleshooting on this matter. Please let us know how this goes!