Contact Sensor Flashes/Disconnects When Window Closed Firmly

I have poor quality windows that do not always latch without some speed/force (they have to be slammed, basically) and more than once a week I get 1-2 sensors flashing blue then going offline. They can only be restored by a complete reset and adding them again. Needless to say this is tedious and unsustainable.

Any way to remedy this? To be clear, I have the sensor on the moving part of the window (as instructed) and the magnetic base on the frame.


Hey @NoahA. Could you show us a picture of how you have them set up? In addition, what would be awesome (if possible) would be a video of how you are closing the window? No need to feel judgement, as I have had windows like this as well. Seeing how you’re closing it and what happens to the sensors when it’s closing will help a lot to see if we can recommend something else for you! :slight_smile: