Contact Sensor Battery Life/Recharge

I recently purchased a RING alarm system and it works well.

However, it has only been about 3 months and a door sensor is beeping. I assume it means the battery is dying…

How do I recharge the battery, or does it need to be replaced? If replaced, where can I get new batteries?



Hey @RustyE! The battery used in Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors is a CR123A battery, which can be found on That being said, these batteries can last up to 3 years depending on usage.

I recommend visiting the specific sensor in your Alarm devices list to see what battery level it is reporting. In the top right of the device page in the app, you should see a battery icon where green is good, yellow is low, and red is needing replaced.

If you do need to replace a battery, check out our help center article about replacing the battery in your Alarm devices. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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I have 11 door/window sensors in my home, one has gone through three batteries since my installation in September. This is the only one that I’ve needed to replace. All the other sensors are working fine and haven’t needed a replacement. Could it be something wrong with that particular window sensor?


What if I want to buy rechargable batteries? Which ones do you recommened?

Hi, I am having the same issue with one of my contact sensor. Had to change the battery’s three times in a month. Did you end up solving the issue?


No, not yet.

I have the type 1’s and it said to put a cr123a lithium battery into it.

I bought the battery…we’ll see if it lasts.

Did you replace yours? If so, with what?

RIng sent me a replacement window sensor and I sent the defective one back. I haven’t had a problem with it since last year. For some reason it kept draining the battery in two weeks without opeining or closing that particular wiondow.

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I have this same problem. I replaced it twice in 2 weeks. something has to be wrong with the sensor. Did you find a solution?

Ring sent me a new sensor. No charge as long as you return the defective one.

Not sure of your situation however if the sensor you are having problems with is on a door or window that is used often it will run the battery down more quickly as it uses power to detect and signal the base of a activation. So that said, it would be a normal scenario that it would be running the battery down more quickly. Hope this helps.

I got a same problem. I have 5 sensors, 4 for door and 1 for windows. For whatever the reason Window sensor battery is draining fast. I read the forum saying alot of usage will drain but the funny thing is this window is never open and there is no activity yet this sensor sucks up the battery most. The other 4 sensors are still at 99% and works fine. Do I have defective sensor? Should I contact ring support?

Hi neighbors! If the previous troubleshooting suggestions offered in this thread are not helpful in resolving this concern, I would recommend reaching out to our support team for further assistance so they can take a closer look for you. Our support team can be reached at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

When do the window/door sensors actually use power? is it constant or is it when the window or door is opened/closed?

Good question, @Jmac123! The Contact Sensor will utilize power the most during events (open/ close). While idol, or not reacting to an event, your Alarm devices will communicate with your Alarm Base Station using a low power zwave connection. There are times when the Contact Sensor might “check-in” with the Base Station to ensure the system is up to date and reporting proper diagnostics in your Ring app. With that being said, the usage of the battery charge comes mostly from entry/ exit events and signal efficiency. As stated in our help center article, depending on usage and signal strength, the Contact Sensor battery should last for up to 3 years. Cold weather can also impact battery.

I too have a window sensor that keeps draining battery life. But oddly, it says battery ok then battery full then repeat for a few days until it says battery low then battery ok and so on. I just replaced the battery a few days ago and doing the same thing all over again.

Hi @Dustibanana. Try leaving your Contact Sensor next to the Base Station for a few days. If the battery doesn’t drain quickly like it has been previously, then this will let you know that distance is more than likely the issue. If it does drain quickly next to the Base Station, you’ll need to contact our support team.

I have an issue with a ring second gen door contact sensor. I have to replace the battery every 2 weeks and do not use the door often. Range to extender and base station are good. I’m going to call support because I know it’s a defective sensor. I’ll post the outcome of the situation after I speak with someone and see if we can add some advice/help with this issue.