Contact Sensor Alarm Siren Time

Hi team, I have a new pool. My county govt requires a contact sensor at each doorway or window that leads to the pool area that must sound off in excess of 100db for 30 seconds anytime the sensor is opened.

The intent is to keep children from crawling through a window into the pool area. Despite that I have no children and the prospect of a siren sounding off everytime I open my patio door seems quite ridiculous… Either way,

I have discovered I can toggle my contact sensor to sound the base station alarm in an unarmed mode if they are opened, but how do I increase the length of time the siren sounds? It seems to only sound for 5-7 seconds. The inspector will actually stand there and time the length of the alarm for every single window and door.


Hi @user52064. Unfortunately, you are not able to change the duration of how long the chirp tone plays. As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. This will help us organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. Feel free to link that post you make in the Feature Request board here so other neighbors that come to this thread can easily find your feature!

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