Contact Magnet Cover 2nd Gen.

How do you remove the magnet cover on a Ring 2nd generation door contact? I want to use screws to mount. I have installed using the adhesive strip.

Thank you.

Hey @Christies57. Are you trying to pop off the cover of the magnet, so that you can get the smaller magnet on the inside, like this image below?


Yes this bothered me for awhile as the tab inserts on the back side of the magnet do not give you access to take the sensor apart. I used a small enough screw driver flat head and pulled with enough force to pry the 2 pieces apart. Also by trial and error I figured out that a #4 by 1/2 inch wood screw works with a 5/64th bit to mount the sensor.

Screws for me mount better on windows that get full sun than the provided tape - on my old security system the tape would eventually melt off in the summertime on super hot days.

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