Constant false positive motion alerts

Well I purchased a ring about 5 weeks ago. It was all good very few false notifications when on the free trial subscription. As soon as it ended loads of false notifications.
The detection zone I have set makes it almost impossible for anything false. It all seems a con to make me subscribe.

No, it works for most folks.
Often tweaking one’s settings can get better results (it’s what I did).
Otherwise, you can reach out to support and work with them. Be aware you might have to call a few times to get someone who can assist with your particular issue.
Contact Us – Ring Help

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I have the solar floodlight, and I’m getting almost constant motion alerts 24/7. I have settings set for low (as we do have feral cats that roam around) and have my light set to come on dusk - dawn. Don’t understand why I am getting alerts for motion during the day! There is no camera on this light - it is just a light and I don’t need to know every cat that walks by or when the wind blows when it is daylight!