Constant false positive motion alerts

I know the feeling. I’ve been having the problem for over a year. I’ve tried working with Ring people and they acknowledge that it’s a problem, but they haven’t responded to me for months. Even though the doorbell is set on the lowest sensitivity and I’ve provided dozens of examples (and Ring personnel themselves confirmed everything,) I still often have > 100 false alerts in a single day, and it’s not uncommon to have well over 300 false alerts in a single day (like yesterday). Receiving over _ 1000 false notifications in a single week _ is, unfortunately, routine. When they did respond to me, they’d write stuff like “… rest assured that our team is actively working on improving the accuracy of this feature.” I’ve asked for escalation, but I don’t think I’ve communicated with anyone from that team. I’ve even been promised that someone would own the case and communicate with me, but that didn’t happen either. Nobody seems to be accountable there. This has made the Ring Doorbell pretty much worthless. They haven’t fixed it and, so far, don’t seem to care. I’d like to add more stuff to my house, but if they won’t fix this, how can I expect them to resolve other issues. What good is this if it still doesn’t work after a year of promises? I’m thinking of sending them a bill for each of the false alerts, but I’m sure they’d ignore that like many of my other communications.

There’s a concept that I learned a long time ago - It’s not if a company has a problem that makes them good or bad company, but how they deal with problems. So far, Ring has NOT shown themselves to be a good company.

That’s disappointing tbh. I’ll try to switch off ‘People only’ and see what happens.

False motion alerts sometimes are NOT false alerts. I’ve heard vehicles drive by and I get an alert, but vehicle does not show up on video because it went by too fast to be caught. It takes a second or two before the video starts recording. Sometimes I’ll catch the tail end of a vehicle at the end of the video. Someone can also run in front of your camera. It will set off the alert, but if the person is running fast enough, video will not catch him. Check out to see if that’s what’s happening. Normal speed walking will be caught or a car stopping in front or the house or pulling into the driveway.

Same here. It’s ridiculous and started when I turned on the person feature. It’s been happening since 3am and every hour since. At 9:37 am there is no one there, no car went by, nothing. In literally on my porch looking at the thing. I hope I don’t have to switch away from ring. Their nonsense responses should like Fitbit when the units fail after 18 months. This happens once a week for about 7 or 8 hours, then stops on its own. Very annoying and I was just about to buy another camera since they’re having a sale. Rethinking now.

Ok, I came here looking for answers to this very annoying issue thinking I was the only one, but I see tons of people asking for a few months and not a single documented answer. Does Ring refund our money for the cameras and service? Can someone please reach out or tell me if I just need to disconnect these cameras? Thanks

Very frustrating and cant understand why it takes Ring so long to deal with the problem if it’s a software/firmware issue. I am getting constant notifications from all my devices, even from one that I’ve switched off!!

Just started today. Doesn’t look promising since Ring hasn’t replied with any helpful actions.

Ring is now trash. These constant false motion alerts are happening on all my devices! And they have the nerve to be marketing a new product.

I was getting contact false notifications also, so I unplugged the WiFi and took the battery out of the bell and still I’m getting notifications. How is that even possible ? Must be a software problem…

Thanks for resetting your modem and sharing the results. I wanted to do the same thing, but was in the middle of work.

Hi neighbors. Yesterday we were experiencing issues with our Processing Infrastructure which resulted in delays in our Ring devices. This has since been resolved and everything should be back to normal.

If you are still experiencing delays, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

My Ring Doorbell Pro went completely offline a few days ago and after going through the troubleshooting, I just couldn’t get it up and running. I called into Ring and they said that they saw some strange error codes, so are sending me out a replacement.

Although that’s a separate issue than this thread… I did mention the longtime issue of often getting > 1000 false notifications per week, the person ignored my complaint about it. I think I mentioned that others also are having this issue. Additionally, I mentioned that Ring had not responded to my requests for help in quite a while. While I partially understand that his focus was to get me a replacement, I thought it was quite rude that he wouldn’t even discuss it with me or even look into the history of the issue.

I too have started receiving constant false positive notifications. I think this started 3-4 days ago (6-7 Nov 2020). I’m now receiving alerts every 15-20 minutes. Only on my ring doorbell is doing this. Not the ring floodlight. Why? Any ideas would be helpful.



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Just last night I started getting motion alerts as often as every 5 minutes on my ring doorbell 2. Like everyone else, there is no motion and this has never been a problem before. I use my doorbell mainly to detect cars pulling in my driveway since we can’t see the drive from the house so setting to people only doesnt work for me.

Im having the same problem.
Started a couple of days ago.
Keep getting false motion alerts every 30 mins or so.
And when i try to open the Live View, it says Activating anf then Unable to connect/reconect.
However if i go in front of the doorbell and create some real motion, the live view works

Just started for me a couple days ago. Worked fine for a month, now I get notifications every 15 minutes when there’s no actual motion…

And like the user above me said, now the Live View won’t work either! Just immediately says “Live View ended” and a button to Reconnect that doesn’t work either.

I don’t remember if there was a firmware update or not, but I do remember 2 notable things happened right when the problems started: 1) it rained for the first time and 2) my 30-day free trial for seeing recordings ended.

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I have a Ring 3 that I have had for almost a year. This just started happening for me. Is there any solution for this?

Exactly the same behaviour started happening to me today, the day after my free trial ended.

The device doesn’t respect the configured motion zones anymore, which were working perfectly. I plan to reset the device and start from scratch tomorrow to see f that resolves it.

I had the exact issue. My free trial just ended and all the sudden, movement notifications every few minutes ALL day long.

Well isn’t this a coincidence, my free trial also ended today and suddenly get loads of alerts. It’s as if they want to get you frustrated that you can’t see what triggered the alert so you sign up for the monthly plan.