constant App request to log in/password/code every time

“My RING Doorbell/Cameras are now making me log in with email/password and verification code (emailed) every single time they see movement. This is extremely bothersome and time consuming. How do I change my settings so that the App only asks me to do this every few weeks, like it used to?”

Hey @jalvey. Are you logging out of the app whenever you are done using it? The app should keep you logged in. If you have logged in and you do not log out of the app at any time, please let me know what Ring app you are running this on, and what phone you are running this on as well as your phone’s OS. Hope to hear back from you soon! :slight_smile:

That was my problem when I first signed up…thinking I had to log out after each session. I quickly realized I just need to stay logged in on my iPhone.

I am having the same trouble on every one of my devices. This has been happening for about a month. If I want to see who rang doorbell, I have to go through sin in, and 2 factor authentication now. By then, who ever it was is gone, kinda worthless having the ring now. (I do not sign out)