Constant alerts from my doorbell.

Since last knight my doorbell 2 alerts me constantly. Every 20/30 seconds to 30/60 minutes and nothing to see. We own it for a while and there was no change to the outside like flag etc.

I played with the motion settings but there is no change. I probably have 50 plus false alerts.

Thank you for any tips!


Hey @Reiner! Our Doorbell 2 utilizes an adjustable PIR based motion detection which will detect heat sources within range of a set zone. In addition to the trial and error with motion settings, I recommend checking the environment for any heat sources. These could be a dryer vent, a vehicle roadway nearby, an AC unit, or even a heating exhaust vent. Check out our Community post for a visual on how these device detect motion. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Marley, I went through all setting suggested by chat and email from Ring Team. i do see a lot of posts with ring owners receiving constant “Phantom” alerts

This is the same problem I have since last week. Nothing has changed with the original installation and it worked prior. Last night I received (18) alerts from 12:00 AM till 7:00 AM in various time increments. I turned my phone off to get sleep.


I’ve got two alerts for someone ringing the doorbell when I check the door and video it’s nothing. So weird. Happen yesterday & today.

Same here, this thing is going off constantly despite turning motion settings down. What gives?

3yrs with no issues and for about a week now, it’s constant and if not fixed I will rip it off the frame and trash it.

That was a weak response from Ring about heat sources etc. It’s a front door and it’s worked for 3yrs and nothing has changed except sudden mass amount of motion events.