Considering a ring dòrbell

Hi Everyone, i strongly thinkking of purchasing a video doorbell in the near future.
Just a a couple of questions about initial installation to pacify my mind.

Firstly, how is the doorbell powered, i assume its some kind.of rechargeable battery, is it possible to power via a 240v mains adapter, and secondly, it the video footage able to be saved to a mobile device or PC and what file format would it be saved as?

I thank you all for your help and comments as although i consider myself to be quite technology savvy, I know adlbsolutly nothing about these

Many Thanks

John B

Hi @user36621. The installation and power requirements depend on which model of Ring Doorbell you decide to purchase. We have a comparison of each Doorbell model here to help differentiate what the power requirements are for each one. As for video recording, this feature is available when you have an active Ring Protect plan in place. The videos are not locally saved to a device, but you can download them from the Ring app or from to store them on another device. For more information, review this article from our Help Center. Let me know if you have any other questions. :slight_smile:

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