Connection Timeouts

When I purchased my Ring doorbell late last year, it came with an Echo Show 5 as a free gift. Originally, it would maintain a 5-10 minute video connection with the doorbell, but now it consistently times out at 100 seconds – which makes it almost unusable for my application. My iPhone holds the video connection for exactly 10 minutes before disconnecting.

Why would one device stay connected longer than the other? Both are on the same WiFi network sharing the same SSID. The backend infrastructure is the same for both devices. This is not a signal issue; the router is 10 feet from both devices.

Hi @VGuitarist. Have you tried resetting the Echo Show 5 and reconnecting it to the Doorbell? If not, I’d recommend giving that a try. Since the Doorbell works properly via your iPhone, it sounds like the issue lies with the Echo Show 5 or with the connection between the Echo and the Doorbell. I’d recommend reviewing the troubleshooting steps in this Help Center Article here, and if those don’t work, you can find a link to Amazon Alexa’s support at the bottom of the article. I hope that helps!

I appreciate your feedback. Yes, I have done both and it doesn’t make any difference. I think I’ll do a wireshark on the connection to determine which end is termating the session. It should be fairly easy to spot.

I want to step back for a minute. You said my phone is working correctly. I beg to differ. A session time of 10 minutes is also unusable IMO – other than briefly viewing the camera and/or engaging someone at the door. I want a longer session time (a lot longer).

@VGuitarist Since our Doorbells and Cameras are not designed to be used for 24/7 monitoring, like a CCTV setup would be, the Live View is intended to time out after 10 minutes of us. Hope that helps clarify things. :slight_smile: