Connection issues

Why does my floodlight cam keep losing connection. It’s proberbly about 20ft away from the main hub, but I have also had to run it through the wifi booster for it to get a signal. Surely it must be able to reach further distances than this. I have good wifi with everything else. I am then having to reset it at least 3 times a day, normally more. Not good as it is ment to look after the property when I’m not there.

I’m having connection issues with my wired floodlight camera as well…has worked fine for last 6 months, but now it will not connect and also will not reset!

SAME ISSUES… I may need to return. This weekend I Installed a ring pro doorbell and ring cam with solar panel. The door bell works perfectly with a RSSI signal of -45. The Camera has disconnected twice now and the first time I had to uninstall and reinstall to get it working again. The RSSI -48 at this location. I cannot reset this everyday. I believe it is a faulty camera.

Hey neighbors! When running into concerns with your devices disconnecting from the network and reporting as offline in the app, you may need to look into adjusting the ports and protocols on your router settings to allow the Ring devices to stay connected. You can learn more about what changes to make in our Ring Help Center Article here.

In addition, if you have multiple devices in the home, please ensure that you have enough upload and download speeds to account for multiple devices being connected to the network at once, on top of any other wifi devices in the home that may be using a connection.