connection issues

Had no issues when first installed some ring solar cams, the latest few updates of the app have basically killed my ability to connect to the cameras via live view - which makes them pretty much useless.

anyone else have the same issues or advice. and no my wifi connection has not changed - exactly same setup and location.

the app is even saying my phone has poor quality connection when i’m sitting right beside my router and my phone shows as full coverage.

I’m thinking the app has some bugs that need fixing asap - otherwise whats the point of having the cameras?

Hey @anotheruser. There’s a couple things you can do, as it seems to be a network concern if the app is prompting that the phone’s connection is poor. If it’s saying the phone’s connection is poor, I recommend using a hotspot or your mobile data to try to load the Live View, as it may be having a poor connection to your wifi.

Additionally, you can reboot your router for it to refresh the connection to all devices in the home - Ring and mobile. In the chance that you still have troubles with this and get another error message, please attach that to your response after giving these suggestions a try! :slight_smile:

Saying phone and devices connection is very weak and no,

no its not my network, my router is reset every couple of days automatically. The mobile data comes up with the same issue - As i previously said it worked fine for ages, its only been recently that its having issues on mulitple cameras since the updates on the app started coming through with changes - and 1 is only 6metres away with no obstructions so you can’t tell me its my wifi for that.

They are approximately 6months old - i can’t check the date because your website currently isn’t working for seeing my plans. pretty dissatisfied considering the amount of money i spent on them and subscription.

@anotheruser Thanks for getting back to me and double checking those areas! I would recommend to give our support team a call here. They can take a deeper look into this for you to really dissect what is going on for you.