Connection issues

So have done all the suggestions. Router about 20ft from door bell. Does not detect people approaching our door yet picks up cars in the street. When doorbell rings can’t connect to see who it is. Have 400mb internet. But the spot light cam at the back of the house works great. Doorbell sucks. It is hard wired in where precious one was. Have tried different angles with the mounts and same issues. Not happy with the door bell and will probably move to something else when my paid savings expires.

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I have a Ring Doorbell 2 for a year now. I got a Chime Pro a couple of week ago and all was well for a week. Then both the Chime Pro and the Doorbell lost connection to the wifi. Got the Chime Pro replaced through Ring, but figured the Doorbell was just worn out so I bought another Ring Doorbell 2. The new Doorbell 2 doesn’t connect to the wifi either. I even took the Doorbell 2 off the front door and tried to connect to the wifi sitting not more than five feet away from the router. No Go. Did Ring change the app? My new spotlight cams work fine.

The doorbell is connected to the wifi and always has been. I can do live view anytime. It doesn’t show people approaching the house or even the driveway. Yet picks up cars in the street. And when folks do ring the doorbell the app won’t connect so I can talk to them. By the time it does they are gone.


I am having the same issues. By the time my phone connects to a live view the person is gone. I am hard wired into the bell and have good wifi.


Interesting. So what maybe an app issue?

Yes, I think the last app update really mess up the wifi connection somehow. It was one day it worked and the next morning, it was broken. Just got my replacement Chime Pro. I have family visiting for the holiday so it will be Friday before I can try connecting again.

Think you are correct. Ever since the last update.



That is exactly what happend to me. Very annoying.

It takes to long to be able to answer the door bell and then they are gone and realize that no one is home.



Even though the diagnostics says my connection is good, live view and audio has always given me trouble. Live view takes a while to connect and the audio is so awful I can’t understand a thing being said. It’s never been great but it seems to be worse now. Doorbell is hard wired.

Guess Ring doesn’t monitor this and respond?

I just tried again using my iphone and ipad. No go with either one. I’m charging an old Android tablet to see if that works.

I tried to setup with an Android tablet. No Go. So, with the iOS deivices I successfully connect to WiFi but the app doesn’t connect the doorbell 2. With the Android tablet, it doesn’t even connect to WiFi. I should mention that I bought a new Chime Pro that refuses to complete the setup. Got Ring to replace the Chime Pro and the replacement is no better. I give up.

I think it is an issue with the app. Everything is connected just fine. It just doesn’t connect up fast enough to answer the doorbell ring when somebody is there. Plus why does the doorbell pick up cars in the street yet doesn’t pick me up pulling in the driveway or even walking toward the door until I am at door?

I FINALLY connected my Ring 2 Doorbell and Chime Pro to my WiFi. I had to go into my WiFi settings. My firewall was set to high. I had to set it to normal to allow the Ring devices to connect. Ok, I’m connected and happy again.

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Hey neighbors! Connection concerns are often related to RSSI or signal strength, in which this Community post will help with tips and tricks to optimize. If you feel this concern is related to mobile device/ app connection, please close any apps running in the background. Please also check that bluetooth, VPNs, and hotspots are disabled.

If these concerns persist, checking your network settings could help, as @Old-Man expressed, or feel free to reach out to our support team for in-depth troubleshooting.

Well don’t have anything else running and have 400mb internet service. So shouldn’t have connection issue. No other issues on computers or when streaming since don’t have cable.