Connecting to existing chime


I have just got a wired ring doorbell.
I am unsure if my existing chime box will work for this. Could someone take a look at the 2 images and let me know if this is suitable or if it would need to be swapped for a lower voltage?


Hi @Mark36ph. Can you please provide the model name for your Doorbell? You can find the name of the Doorbell you purchased on the original packaging, or on the back of the Doorbell itself. The model name, for example, could be the Video Doorbell Pro or the Video Doorbell Wired. I’d be happy to share the power requirements for the specific Doorbell you’ve purchased once you share that information. Additionally, feel free to share the chime kit make and model if you have that, as it’s hard to tell what chime kit you have based on the photo. :slight_smile: